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for saving your time 

for saving your time
Edenweb really wants to work with open source solutions (specifically developed or existing). In fact, with an Open source solution, 0 is the exact price of the licence every year. You can if you want, get sources of your application.
You are the owner of your sources and Edenweb is just the partner who helps you to manage them better.

Here below are some examples of Open sources solutions integrated by Edenweb:

Chat software : Pidgin
Incident Tracking software : RT
Bug following software: Bugzilla
Enterprise ressources management software: OpenERP
And the most important: our developed Content management system: Cykia

We also help you to choose the free software the best adapted to your needs or activity.

Cykia is the Content Management System (CMS) recommanded by Edenweb. Easy to use, fast, you can manage your website or your application contents by connecting yourself at distance. It's free and you get a documentation explaining its using. Our team is here to help you on Cykia if needed. Know more about Cykia or other CMS.
OpenERP covers every fonctionnalities of a generalist ERP. Its flexibility and powerfulness of its oriented object framework , OpenObject, can cover specific needs.

OpenERP combines the strengh of an editor and those of a large community, including its integrators in the whole word.

OpenERP has a full web interface and is entirely Open source under GPL licence.

OpenERP covers all needs as sales, purchases, HR, projects, logistic, stock management, production, invoicing. Its framework allows to adapt to your specific context, by news workflows parameters, new informations, dashbord .