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custom software developement 

custom software developement
Your activity asks fonctionnalities that your actual softwares don't propose? We assure the development of the solution that corresponds to your needs .

  • Processus analysing and data models conception
  • Definition of specific needs link to your job or activity
  • Writing of technical and functional requirements
  • Programmation, development of the sofware using appropriate languages (JAVA, C#, Visual Basic, .NET, VBA, PHP ou others)
  • Applications Client-server Web (intranet, extranet, e-commerce) or Windows
  • Admin and users traning
  • Doc and maintenance

We already have developed:

  • An Event management software linked to a contact base
  • A dynamic map managing software for faires
  • A canteen softtware for tickets booking, planing management and number of person
  • A CMS and E-shopping called Cykia
  • Purchases and stocks managing software
  • A europeen VAS software (warranty, spare part, ...)