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MTM is specialized in the booking and selling of horses cars.Cykia allows to manage publications, planing, and sharing on facebook


Fundatrix shares its passion for connected objects, human machine interface and the capability for end users to create their own products.
Cykia is used for the web interface of the BeeWall.


Thalasso of Granville, in the bay of the Mont St Michel, is well-known for enjoy treatments and care programs.
Cykia is used for the website and makes the link with a booking application
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... bring the solution

... bring the solution
Today EDEN give its expertise in project management and developpment with 2 solutions

... abolishes edges

... abolishes edges
In standard, EDEN creates websites beeing Responsive Web Design, in order to be seen on every supports

... make the difference

... make the difference
For more than 15 years, Eden use JAVA, J2EE, JSP to develop its applications