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A hight level hosting 

A hight level hosting
We propose a safe environment and secured contents for your website hosting on our server due to a combination of first level services, about connectivity, security, cooling system, and engineering systems.

By choosing Edenweb hosting you benefit it lot of advantages :
  • Virtualisation module of Gandi
  • High speed internet connection
  • A permanent multi-connectivity (multiplexing of telecom operators and protected electric systems)
  • Optimised cooling sytems and an heat and hygrometry control
  • A strong security with intern and extern camera with numerix recording and a acces control to the site 24h/24 , 365 d/y.
  • A fire detection and stop system
  • An helpdesk assistance reactive, effective and fast

With hosting proposes by Edenweb, you will enjoy you website in all security