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multi languages development 

multi languages development
With its IT service compagny activity, EdenAppli uses many informatic languages to answer to specific needs of its clients.

Almost 20 years than Eden uses JAVA, J2EE, JSP to develop its applications.Why?
Because it's Open source and multi plateforms, it has a huge community and has many library. We use this language to develop client applications with Swing and web applictions with JSP technology on server.

The development of web applications ( sites, intranet, extranet) follows technologic watch by integrating web standards
(HTML5, CSS3). Developments use MVC model, vith view in JavaScript and XSL exploiting datas JSON and XML. The Ajax technology, flash and frameworks as YUI and JQuery allow to complete for specific needs. Edenweb proposes also web development in PHP and ASP .NET

For specific development or periodic scripts which need performance, languages as C/C++ or Perl are privilegied. More recently, development in Python technology have been done, for OpenERP . This language is very easy to use and complet.

Databases we work on are Open source : My SQL and Postgre SQL and proprietary : Oracle and SQL server