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Our partners 

Our partners

edenweb et le pole TES basse NormandieNormandy is considered as one of the birthplace of Secure Electronic Transactions in the way of lot of applications, actually spread in the population, are directly arise from technologic research directed in Caen since the beginning of the eighties.   www.pole-tes.com

Digital Airways works with Edenweb on the development of applications on mobile phones like I-phone and Android. Strong of its historical culture of mobile telephony, Digital Airways gives keys on the evolution of industry needs.             www.digitalairways.com

Oseo supports Edenweb on innovation project of web development. OSEO is a public company, without equivalent in Europe, which the mission answers to a national ambition of first plan: support the innovation and the growth of Small and medium-sized enterprise in France. Thanks to this support, we can compete with international softwares. www.oseo.fr

Entre Nous Soit Dit is an appreciative user of CYKIA, the content manager recommended by Edenweb. This agency of communication advices takes part of modifications of CYKIA in collaboration with Edenweb. www.entrenoussoitdit.fr

Our membership at the TES Pole, our collaboration with Entre Nous Soit Dit and Digital Airways and the support brought by Oseo are the key factors who encourage our activities of applied research and specifics developments.

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