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Clients will find you! 

Clients will find you!
The natural referencing is a set of technics which permits to your website to act better with search engines. Those technics must be combined to make the natural referencing efficient. The good choice of keywords of referencing tags (title, description and keywords), create an editorial content optimized for referencing and create extern link (called backlinks) to your website will permit you to progress in the positioning of search engines.
To make contact with some customers at the exact moment when they are looking for your products and services and to promote your company, your image and your products, it is necessary that your website is good referenced and generates an important traffic on the main search engines.

There are currently 6 search engines which share themselves 98% of the internet traffic.
(Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Voila, Wanadoo, Free and AOL).

Google has currently ¾ of the generate traffic on website and 80% of web surfer don’t go far away from the first and second page during a web search.

A quality natural referencing is a real service and can only be managed by a professional. 

The referencing has as goal to raise the visibility of the website to make it accessible on directories and search engines.

The natural referencing is a necessary step of a promotion politic of a website. Every web surfer will turn himself to a directory or a search engine if he does not know where the information is.
Our expert in natural referencing will advise you and will optimize every web page (keywords, titles, descriptions, Meta tags…) in accordance with your chosen target.

Then he will proceed to a manual referencing submitting your website to search engines. Only a positioning will permit you to generate an important, quality and targeted traffic.

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